In our quilting gallery, you will find various samples of quilts we have quilted for customers.  If you see something you really like and want quilted on your quilt, let us know.

'"MELBA" - custom quilting
"Winter Twist" - custom quilting
"Winter Song" - custom quilting
"Paradise in Blooms" - custom quilting

"Feeling Crabby" by Annie Unrein.  This is an example of custom quilting with Monoclear thread 

This is an example of background filling around appliqued pieces.  We used a tight stipple as the backfill in this particular quilt.


This is an example of an all over edge to edge pattern that was done on a customers quilt that did have some appliqued pieces but she wanted the quilting pattern to sew over the top of it instead of having it go around it.



 This is an example of custom quilting with feathering.  Something in each sash strip, something different in the blocks with a matching feathering in the border and also custom in the cornerstones of the quilt.

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