1. Click on the Order Form link, a pdf file will open.
  2. Completely fill out all information requested on the form.  USE 1 FORM PER QUILT
  3. Print out the form once you are finished.
  4. Attach the form to your quilt top along with your pre-made finished backing.
  5. Put all items above in a bag (Quilt Top, Backing and Work Order Forms)
  6. Notify Sharon  by text or phone at (435) 680-7902 before dropping off

QUILT PIECING work order

  1. Contact Jana to get an estimate
  2. Print out the order form and fill it out.  In case you also want us to finish your quilt with our longarm quilting services, an order form for that is also included.  Check the box where appropriate.
  3. Drop the quilt kit with your order form at Jana's home or ship it direct.
  4. Jana will contact you when the quilt is received and let you know when it is completed.
  5. Payment is expected upon completion.