1.  Print work order form above (There are 2 forms per page for your convenience if you have multiple quilts.)

2.  Completely fill out all information requested on the form

3.  Attach the form to your quilt top along with your pre-made backing

4.  Put all items above in a bag (Quilt Top, Backing and Work Order Form)

5.  Deliver to one of the various drop off locations (locations listed below)

6.  Notify Sharon Rawlings by text or call at (435) 680-7902 that you left a quilt for me to pick up and where you dropped it off at.


My Home:

Please Call or Text me first to be sure we are home

Sharon Rawlings

4126 S. Signature Way

Washington, Ut 84780

(435) 680-7902 

Local St. George Stores 

Please Call or Text the location you dropped your quilt off

Superior Fabrics

Scrap Apple Quilts

Quilted Works

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